How it Works

Can my child participate?

Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) provides agreements for families whose children have a range of disabilities to access services to support their child.  The Bridges Social Learning Team supports families who have FSCD Agreements for Behavioral Aide Supports or Community Support Funding in addition to private clients.

Behavioral Aide Funding

The Intent of Behavioral supports is to help parents address specific behaviors exhibited by the child and reinforce or increase parents’ skills and strategies in managing the child’s behaviors. The level and intensity of the service will be based on developmentally appropriate intervention time and the child’s needs. Should a child qualify for this agreement, then Bridges Staff would be happy to meet with you to discuss further the suitability of our program for your child and family.

Behavioral Aide Program Breakdown

The 10 hours of support is achieved through a combination of direct hours in the program and family consultation and support.

Community Aide Funding

The intent of Community Aide Funding is ensure children with disabilities play an active part in their communities and be included in community  activities. This funding is to ensure that children with disabilities, who experience limitations in their ability to participate, have the aide supports they need in order to participate in recreational, social or community activities. There is a maximum of 144 hours available each year.

Our program focuses on building  the skills that can enhance children’s opportunities to participate meaningfully in community activities. Families can use their Community Support funding to participate based on the program hours and intensity that works best for them.

Please note Community Aide can not be used for our Summer Program.


Please contact our office for information about the program that is best suited for your child.

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