ADHD Coaching

Living with ADHD

It’s hard enough navigating the complexities of life when you’re a teen or young adult, but when you add ADHD into the picture, the struggle is very real. Managing school or work, getting sufficient sleep, keeping track of possessions (like homework, cell phone and car keys) and meeting responsibilities present monumental challenges for those with ADHD.

Life can be easier for those struggling with ADHD, as well as for those people who love and support them. ADHD coaching could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach is a combination of mentor, accountability partner and cheerleader. Their role is to help people with ADHD identify, practice and master the skills needed to untangle and conquer the complex challenges of living with ADHD. 

What is ADHD Coaching at Bridges?

Our approach to ADHD coaching is rooted in relationships, mutual respect and a growth mindset through the lens of ADHD. We build trust as we get to know each client, then we identify goals, create step-by-step plans, practice, develop and harness strengths. We also empower each of our clients to discover their inner worth and improve their self-esteem.

While each client will have her own coach, that coach is supported by a team of psychologists, therapists and behavioural experts whose collective experience is extensive and comprehensive. As a team, we ensure that each client gets the best support as they work one-on-one with their ADHD coaches.

Supporting Parents

As with all Bridges programs, we take a family-centred approach to ADHD coaching. We connect teens and young adults who need help and parents who need strategies with the right coach and the integrated services needed to build skills, promote personal growth and achieve success.

Accessible and Affordable

While our ADHD coaching services are not covered by FCSD funding or private insurance, we are committed to offering affordable, cost-effective coaching for our clients and their families.

Contact us to learn more or to sign up for a Bridges ADHD coach.

Adapting to Covid-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation is a unique time for our community and families. Bridges Consulting has everything in place to meet our families’ needs with programming that’s safe, flexible and fun. Expecting that we will need to adapt to what we have offered in the past, we’re continually evolving in response to changing regulations put in place by Alberta Health Services.


Who We Are

Bridges believes in a family-centred approach to helping children gain the skills they need to reach their potential. The focus is on building the children's success skills through meaningful, targeted supports.

We provide small group programming and individual consultation and support to families with children who have a range of developmental deficits.

Our primary focus is on building the foundations of social thinking, behaviour and language needed for success. Our approach is governed by research-based practices and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

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