Our Approach

Child and Family Focused

Our approach to programming starts with a question: “What does your family need to feel strong, healthy and supported?”  Based on your answers, our staff will work closely with you to identify and design a program that works to support your unique situation and goals for the future. Taking a holistic, family-focused approach, we build supports around your needs rather than building supports around your funding model, whether it’s private or provided by Family Support for Disabilities (FSCD).

With this customized blueprint in hand, we then build a meaningful service plan that is informed by reports provided by you, our team’s observations, standardized testing if it’s deemed relevant by our clinical consultant as well as our research-based practices in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). The end result of this process will be a highly individualized plan built around your family and supported by the foundational pillars of social skills, behaviour, community and language your child needs for success.

Call our office to chat confidentially about your unique situation. We’ll listen, ask some questions and then get the process started for your family.


Comprehensive Supports and Covid-19

In addition to our individualized programming support options for learning in the context of a social environment, we also offer a wide range of comprehensive supports.

As we navigate the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations in place at this time, we are limited in what we can offer our clients and families.

Ready for Summer 2020?

Summer 2020 is shaping up to be a unique time for our community and families. Bridges Consulting has everything in place to meet our families’ needs with summer programming that’s safe, flexible and fun. Expecting that we will need to adapt to what we have offered in the past, we’re preparing three options for families to choose from.

LethbridgePincher Creek

Who We Are

Bridges believes in a family-centred approach to helping children gain the skills they need to reach their potential. The focus is on building the children's success skills through meaningful, targeted supports.

We provide small group programming and individual consultation and support to families with children who have a range of developmental deficits.

Our primary focus is on building the foundations of social thinking, behaviour and language needed for success. Our approach is governed by research-based practices and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Our Locations

Administrative Office
290-104 13 Street North, T1H 2R4
Phone: (587) 425-4211

Teens Program Office
102 317 17th Street S
Phone: (587) 425-4211

Littles and Middles Program Office
1013 8 St S, Lethbridge, AB T1K 1N7
Phone: (587) 425-4211


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