Speciality Programs

Minecraft Social Skills Group

(9-13 years)
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games on the planet. It’s also an amazing tool for building social and communication skills for youth on the autism spectrum and other related conditions.
It’s why we offer a Minecraft Social Skills group for youth aged 9-13, where children work in groups to do hands-on projects and virtual challenges on our secure Minecraft server. Completing these projects helps them develop cooperation, compromise, communication and problem-solving skills while building peer relationships.  While children will have individualized goals,  the social skills curriculum we will be using is based on the work of Raelene Dundun.

Dungeons and Dragons Social Skills Group

(14-17 years)
Social stories are a powerful way to help teens reduce and learn to control inappropriate behaviours like aggression, tantrums, loud vocalization and other disruptive and socially isolating behaviours. In Dungeons and Dragons, a team of adventurers known as a party, are immersed in social stories, role-playing and events, making the game an ideal tool for social skills development.

We’ve modified the traditional game of Dungeons and Dragons to accommodate group social skills practice for our teens. Working together, they imagine, design and role-play a character and rule context from an imaginary universe. This allows them to develop and practice sophisticated skills like empathy negotiation, problem-solving, teamwork and social maneuvering. These are all immensely valuable skills in the adult world.  

Girl Talk Group

(11-17 years)
This group for girls aged 11-17 focuses on building a positive self-image and understanding social rules unique to the female gender. The goal is to empower girls to make healthy choices, focusing on healthy emotional responses and control (executive functioning), positive peer relationships (online and offline), and appropriate social boundaries.  Through an individualized curriculum, the group works together to tackle challenges focused on building the confidence and capacity of our young girls to adventure into the real world.

Adulting 101

(15-18 years)
The road to adulthood can be very rocky for young people with autism. Leaving high school is a monumental step that impacts their families and transforms their sense of community, services and supports. Our Adulting 101 group focuses on making the path a little smoother and ensuring the skills are in place to help them benefit from all the positives that adulthood offers.

Fall 2021 Specialty Program Cohorts and Times

To ensure the health and safety of our families, youth and staff, we currently offer cohorts for each of these specialty groups. Contact us to learn more or enrol your child in one of our these dynamic and engaging groups.




Adapting to Covid-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic situation is a unique time for our community and families. Bridges Consulting has everything in place to meet our families’ needs with programming that’s safe, flexible and fun. Expecting that we will need to adapt to what we have offered in the past, we’re continually evolving in response to changing regulations put in place by Alberta Health Services.


Who We Are

Bridges believes in a family-centred approach to helping children gain the skills they need to reach their potential. The focus is on building the children's success skills through meaningful, targeted supports.

We provide small group programming and individual consultation and support to families with children who have a range of developmental deficits.

Our primary focus is on building the foundations of social thinking, behaviour and language needed for success. Our approach is governed by research-based practices and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

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